Quinton Zunga.

Founding partner and CEO of RH Managers.
Bachelor of Business Science and Computer Science
Master of Science Finance (University of London)

Quinton Zunga is founder and current CEO of RH Managers. Prior or this he was co-founder and executive director of Arkein Capital Partners from 2011 to 2014. Quinton has 16 years experience. This includes 12 years of professional experience at senior levels in investment banking and 4 years private equity experience.

Prior to 2011 Quinton was a Director at Bank of America Merrill Lynch SA ("BofAML") and head of its Debt Capital Markets for South Africa and sub-Saharan Africa. In that role Quinton was instrumental in developing BofAML's Sub-Saharan Africa business focusing on regional hubs South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya. He was instrumental in capital raising for over US$1.5bn in these regions and built deep relationships in the regions. He joined BofAML in 2007 till 2011.

Prior to joining BofAML, Quinton was Head of Debt Capital Markets at Absa Capital a role he assumed after the merger of Barclays and Absa Bank of South Africa. Before this merger Quinton was head of Debt Capital Markets at Barclays and was responsible for a team that covered 11 African countries Barclays had banking operations. He helped develop Africa's Debt Capital Markets in these countries, launching the first medium-term notes in Botswana, Tanzania, Mauritius and Zambia. He also led the issue of municipal bonds by the City of Johannesburg. Quinton raised over US$2.0bn in 40 transactions that he was lead manager or co-lead manager over his 7 years at Barclays.

Quinton has served on the executive committee of the Debt Insurers Association (SA), and an associate of the Institute of Bankers, and also a graduate of the Institute of Chartered Secretaries.